Help us save Animal Jam

By Lily Braylee And Carlie

What is aniaml jam ?

Animal Jam is a game for kids it is by Nachinal geographic kids it is very fun for everyone!

Why to save animal jam?

We need you to help us save animal jam because it is a fun game and thousand wait no millions even more then a million people who play animal jam!!!!!

aniaml jam is more then just pixels

animal jam is more then just pixels because you can laugh , hang out with buddies, get rare items, and can have a lot of fun!!!!!!
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Things to do

You can trade, you can go on adventures, you can go to partys, and you can go to the summer carnival in summer, and even friend ship partys lucky clover partys and a lot of more partys!!!!!!!!!

What we advise you to do when you get animal jam to save it is

get A Membership it is not the much money there is three different payments to choose from like, a year membership, a 2 month membership, and a week membership. the year membership cost the most money but if you get year member ship it will help save animal jam better

you should also

buy the national geographic magezen that will give them money to save animal jam too!