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Woodfields Elementary Library Newsletter

Reading Superheros!

The annual Reading Celebration is almost here! I've confirmed with our visitors and facilitators and Mrs. Garrett is busy getting the schedule together which you will have soon. Each hallway is responsible for decorating in a superhero of your choice. I know the committee came up with red as Batman, yellow as Captain America, blue as Spider Man, and purple as Ninja Turtles but feel free to change and decorate with a superhero of your choice. We want this to be a day of fun so please dress up and encourage your students to dress up in their "Superhero" best as well.

We hope that everyone is keeping track of all the the reading going on in class so we can reach our goal of 300,000 minutes. Remember all minutes count! The time you spending reading to your students in class, the time they spend reading independently, and the time they spend reading at home. Please tally those minutes daily and send them to me on the Google Form.

We announce the new total each morning on the news show. All non homeroom teachers please log your minutes as well on the Google Form I shared with you. Mrs. Garrett makes a new "spotlight" so the students can see us reach our goal. Thank you for your hard work in the school wide reading event! If you have any questions please see me or Mrs. Garrett.



We have gotten some new books in the library through Abdo. They are called anywhere eBooks. I selected these non fiction books because they were on popular subjects and interest to students. These books can be read online through Destiny our online computer catalog, or each library book has a QR code that can be scanned by any device an unlimited amount of times to have access to a digital copy. Come by the library to check them out!

Open eBooks App

Let me know if you need any help getting started using this app with the codes I gave or if you would like to set up your own classroom.