2016 Brookdale Field Day

Come for fun and games

What we do on field day

You meet up with you grade and compete in fun and athletic events. Sometimes it is class vs. class but sometimes you get to pick your group. After a little while you get to change events with your grade and try to win another one. After field day is over, you get to go watch a tug of war match, 5th grade against the teachers. (Make sure to root for 5th grade)

Brookdale field day

Wednesday, May 25th, 9:15-11am

1200 Redfield Road

Naperville, IL

What to bring to field day

Make sure to dress comfortably and bring gym clothes that fit. Also, make sure to bring gyms shoes because there will be a lot of running and it might hurt your feet if you don't wear proper shoes. Lastly, make sure to try and bring a water bottle because you will be running a lot and water will feel really good if you get dehydrated.