What to Expect When Your Expecting

By Tameya Haynes

First Trimester

Mom: In the first trimester of your pregnancy you don't begin to show, but you will definitely take on a few extra pounds. You will go through morning sickness and a lot of aches and pains. Your breast may begin to feel very tender, and your emotions maybe a little out of pocket

Baby: In first trimester, the fetus changes from a fertilized egg, to an embryo that implants itself into your uterine walls. The fetus will develop its arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers , and toes. The heart begins beating spontaneously The digestive system has begun to form and the baby has already developed to kidneys.

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Second Trimester

Mom: You can feel little jabs from the babies uncontrollable movements inside your belly. Swelling of your ankles feet should be expected. As well as sensitive gums and aching in your lower abdomen.

Baby: In this trimester, you finally get to learn the gender of your baby! Your baby is approximately 2 pounds, weighing the same amount as a chicken breast. Although you want be able to hear it, your baby can now hiccup and even yawn. The child is covered in a fur coat to keep him/her warm. It is called Lanugo.

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Third Trimester

Mom: This trimester maybe bring discomfort. You may lack control of your bladder, which is normal. You may experience leaky breast and backaches.

Baby: The babies wrinkled skin is starting to smooth out as the baby develop baby fat. They are now able to blink their eyes and have hair. They have all their fingernails an toenails and are fully prepared to enter the world.

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Advice for the Dad

The best way to help the mother of your child during her pregnancy is to listen. Rub her feet and try to keep her comfortable, just don't stress her out.