5th Grade News

For the Week of March 7-11

An announcement from the 5th Grade Team:

As we approach the last 10-12 weeks of school, we have noticed our students have become comfortable with the routines and procedures and are sometimes struggling to comply with requests in a timely manner. As their teachers, we are committed to maintaining a controlled, but fun learning environment until the very end. We want to solicit your support in helping us maintain an environment that is conducive to authentic learning. We have so much more content to cover to get our students ready to walk into the doors of junior high school.

Our team will be conducting a class meeting to discuss expectations and/or any areas of focus. Students will have an opportunity to actively participate and give input during this meeting time. After the meeting, students will be expected to adhere to the agreements made.

Beginning Monday, March 7, if a student receives two marks in one week they will be given an opportunity to reflect and come up with an action plan for improvement during their recess time.

In advance, thank you for your support in this endeavor.

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Learning Objectives

Reading and Language Arts

  • Make inferences and draw conclusions about drama and poetry
  • Use context clues to determine the meaning of grade level academic words
  • Share and celebrate persuasive writing pieces
  • Write an imaginative piece using technology
***On Demand - Opinion Writing: Tuesday 3/8 or Wednesday 3/9 (depending upon Library schedule)***


  • Understand and observe how living and non-living organisms interact
  • Create a model of an environment based on the adaptations of an assigned animal and label living/nonliving organisms


  • Read, understand, and analyze various types of data representations, including stem-and-leaf plots and scatterplots

  • Use problem-solving skills to evaluate which data representations are best for certain scenarios

Social Studies

  • Write about the Battle of Gettysburg from the point of view of a soldier
  • identify the conditions before, during, and after the Civil War


Math: Homework #9 - On Canvas. You will answer the questions directly on Canvas and turn in the paper on which you showed your work. You must turn in the work in order to receive full credit for your homework.

Reading: No reading homework this week.

Science: Earth and Space activity

Information and News

Upcoming Events:

March 9- Tays Junior High New Parent Group Meeting: 6:30pm-8:30pm, Tompkins High School (Commons Area)

March 14th-18th- Spring Break

March 21- Blood Drive at KISD ESC, Room 1200HJ from 10:30am-2:30pm. For more info, contact Jennifer Lee at jennifermlee@katyisd.org or Ashley Dalley at ashleydalley@katyisd.org.

March 29th - 5th Grade Math STAAR

March 30th - 5th Grade Reading STAAR

Worldfest - April 14, 5:30pm-7:00pm

Core Essentials:

The Core Essential for March is HOPE: The idea that something good can come out of something bad. Here's a way to start talking with your family about this month's Core Essential.

Dig a little deeper this week with these discussion starters about hope:

  • Have you ever gone through something bad that in the end resulted in something good?

  • How did you feel while you were going through the bad times?

  • How does reflecting on the good that came from the bad give you hope in other situations?

  • How can you encourage others to stay hopeful when things seem bad?

  • If you believe that good things can come from bad, how does it help you handle the bad times?

Attention!: Volunteers Needed for 2016 TWE Worldfest! (International Night)

The purpose for the evening is an engaging and community-wide

learning experience regarding the many cultures and countries represented at TWE.

Come take a journey with us!

Thursday, April 14, from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

If you are interested in hosting or assisting a booth, please see the link below.


If you have any questions, please contact Susan Boiarsky 281.234.1586 or susandboiarsky@katyisd.org

The picture below is from Worldfest 2014!

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