by Makenna Moody

Japan a wonderful place full of mischief and fun many things may you find amazing or 素晴らしい I think Japan is a wonderful place in which to live.


This is how my name is written in Japanese: マッケナ
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Movies are common in Japan. They usually have weird and unpredictable endings. For instance, in "Ponyo" this movie is about a magic fish that can turn into a little girl. Unfortunately his so called father does not want that. The Japanese like cartoon movies called "anime". Pokemon is also an anime that you can recognize in America. Anime movies usually have people with big eyes and cute faces.
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This is an example of traditional Japanese clothing. The Japanese wear these type of clothes to formal events like weddings. For every day clothing, Japanese people wear the same type of clothes that we wear in America like jeans and t-shirts.
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Most American games like Nintendo and Game Boy are made in Japan. Pokemon is a popular game. Digimon is another game that was popular in Japan, but when Pokemon came out, it was forgotten. The Japanese are very creative.
School in Japan

this is what school is like in japan

The Japanese wear uniforms in school and they all dress the same for the most part. Their society likes people to not stick out and be different. Japanese youth that rebel will die their hair or will dress differently. The Japanese learn math, reading, writing, and other subjects like we do in America. Japanese learn English from the 6th grade, but they have a hard time speaking it.
The Cat Returns - Official Trailer

this is the trailer for my favorite movie the cat returns

My Neighbor Totoro (1988) 720p english dub

here you can watch a full lenth japaneese movie my neighbor totoro

ポケモン交響曲「THE MEDLEY OF POKéMON RGBY+GSC -3PBs-」 (高画質版)
I am a child of God (Japanese)

Kami no ko desu

Here is "I am a Child of God" in Japanese. We are all children of God no matter where we live.