Megan Freifelder

About me

My mom, sister, and brother are my favorite people in the world. I am the middle child and there is a 5 year gap in between us. My older brother was born extremely premature and is now deaf, but he doesn't sign. He has always inspired me with all that he does and has taught me how to be patient and have empathy.

I also am a mom to an almost 1-year old pup, Sully. He's a shih tzu and the cutest puppy in the world (seriously).

I have decided to be a teacher because I love seeing that a-ha! moment when someone learns something. I also want to be the teacher that will always stand up for what is right for my students.

My favorite education moment when I was in school would have to be when I was in 2nd grade and I had really bad separation anxiety from my mom and my teacher used to always sit with me and tell me about how she has anxiety and was just like me when she was younger. She made me feel like I wasn't alone or weird and I want to have the same qualities that my 2nd grade teacher had.


I have been dancing since I was two years old. I now have a dance minor at CofC and I teach dance. I have traveled within the U.S. to collaborate with other dance teachers for the National Dance Educators Organization. I intend to integrate dance and creative movement into my classroom as much as possible! This picture is from the spring 2014 concert at CofC.