Article Analysis of the Week


The Parent Herald - ‘The Divergent Series: Allegiant’ Release Date, Cast & Update: Theo James Hints on Shailene Woodley’s Character and Changes [Spoilers]

The main topic of this news article by the Parent Herald is about the upcoming release of Allegiant (third installment of the Divergent movie series) and the rumoured ending of Tris surviving at the end of the movie. Without any doubt, this can be seen in the article when it states: “While both Roth and Woodley insisted Tris’ death was necessary, many fans continued to raise the petition to see Tris alive at the end of the movie”. Many Divergent book fans were disappointed by the ending of the series, so the article informs the fans about how the directors of Allegiant may have caved into creating another ending. This article connects to the ISU novel Four by Veronica Roth because Four was written as a prologue to the Divergent series. Now that the third movie version of the book, Allegiant, is being released, Roth's prologue may hit the big screens as well. This is why this article is about the rumoured ending of Allegiant and other details concerning the movie as well as connects to course work.


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