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FM9 Student-Led News Source - September 22, 2016


Rowdy Crowd meeting today after school in the cafeteria! Come out and help us plan for our Friday night game. Also, Rowdy Crowd t-shirts are in, so if you have not picked yours up, they will be at the meeting to be picked up. Let's Get LOUD & Stand PROUD ... GO JAGS!!

Circle of Friends

Listen up Circle of Friends members! Are you still interested in joining us to Friday night’s football game? If so, please check out the information outside the main campus’ 1200 hallway.

Also, Circle of Friends is gearing up for homecoming! All of next week, September 26th through the 30th, we will be making mum’s and garter’s for our students. Meet us in room 1475, in the main campus, next week during all lunches if you want to join us.

Jaguar Sports & Spirit Calendar

September 22

  • 4-7pm - FM9 Football vs. Southlake @ FMHS
  • 5:30 & 7pm - JV Football vs. Southlake Carroll @ Dragon Stadium

September 23

*SPIRIT DAY - Defeat the Dragons (Superhero Day)*

**PEP RALLY - First floor 4th period classes attend**

  • 5:30-7:30pm - Volleyball vs. Southlake Carroll @ FMHS Arena & Navy Gym
  • 7:30pm - Varsity Football vs. Southlake Carroll @ FMHS

Coffee Craze

The Jaguar Café

Here at FM9, we are lucky enough to have a coffee bar run by a friendly and experienced staff. As everyone has started to discover what the café offers, we decided to go behind the scenes at Java City and find out what makes this coffee taste like an authentic Seattle's best!
Our experience behind the bar was one that surprised us, especially because of all the equipment that is used to fully operate the café.
The menu includes:
  • 22 coffees (iced and hot)
  • 2 hot chocolates
  • about 15 teas (hot and cold)
  • 6 smoothies
  • freshly made, warm cookies
  • freshly made waffles (with strawberries and/or chocolate chips)
  • a wide variety of refrigerated snacks (including yogurt parfaits, Cini-minis, pop-tarts, cereals, etc.)

The equipment they use to produce this wide variety of drinks snacks include:

  • A $10,000, Californian espresso machine
  • 2 blenders
  • Waffle maker
  • Baked goods heater
  • 3 refrigerators
  • Toaster
  • Tea maker
  • Vast amount of flavorings
Every coffee at the café has one shot of espresso, except for the Eye Opener, which has 3 shots of espresso and is a "little strong" ... it's name should give you an idea of just how strong it is. What we would recommend for those of you just starting to drink coffee, is the iced Caramel Macchiato. It's a rich and smooth blend, but is a perfect strength because the caramel makes is sweet enough to create a savory flavor that will keep you coming back. If you don't know what to order, ask the barista, Mrs. Caitlin, for a recommendation, and get ready to enjoy your new favorite morning beverage!
The smoothies are also a very popular choice at the café. They are made from real juice and blended with ice. The smoothies come in a wide variety of flavors, and are probably easier to get into than coffee. Smoothies are pretty self-explanatory as far as guessing what's in them just reading the menu. The most popular smoothie at the café is the Strawberry Banana Smoothie, but they all are really quite tasty and can cool you down coming inside from that brutal Texas summer heat.
The drinks at the café are very tasty, but Ms. Caitlin has more than just beverages for purchase. "I take great pride in my cookies. They are always baked fresh and and kept warm in the pastry heater. I turn them so they get warmed evenly and I never let them over-bake. No one has figured it out yet, but these cookies are only 50 cents and are baked with special care. I even have upperclassmen come over here for my cookies because they don't have these quality cookies over in the main campus."

When we tasted the cookies for ourselves, we just wanted more. This item at the FM9 Café is the highest recommended purchase to make. For less than $1, students can have a bit of heaven that is the perfect sweet treat for the rest of the day.

We would like to specially thank the FM9 Café staff for allowing a behind-the-sceens look at the FMHS café. Hopefully, you're a bit more educated with the choices you are given at the FM9 café. We encourage you to visit the friendly staff at the café and enjoy a hot or cold beverage, and a delicious waffle or cookie!
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BY: Brandon Greenawalt, Thomas Kall, and Ty Morrow