Be Like BIll

Using FB memes in class

Make Your Own

Here is a blank Google Drawing of the Bill meme you can share with your students. They will just go to File - Make a copy to make it their own. Enjoy!
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A Simple Example

If you search for images of "Be Like Bill" you will find tons of examples. Most are inappropriate to showcase in class, but you can find enough to give them an idea if needed.
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Yes, memes can be incredible educational tools

Memes tend to recycle themselves, so it's a pattern of cool, not cool, cool again. Facebook memes generally burn out pretty quickly, but they can still be fun and interesting to use in class. This recent "Be Like Bill" meme probably makes you roll your eyes on FB, but can have several uses in your classroom:

  • Historical Figures & Current Events
  • Character, Plot, Theme, Poetry
  • Vocabulary
  • Processes and Explanations
  • Solving Problems
  • Question & Answer

Uses of memes are infinite, and they are a quick and easy activity for your students to complete.