Feudal Europe

Kings, Lords, Knights...Welcome to Feudal Europe!

What was European Feudalism?

Feudalism revolved around land ownership. Wealthy nobles and lords gave land to vassals in exchange for their service loyalty. Three brothers split Europe up into three parts. Other foreign groups, such as Muslims and Vikings. There was unrest and violence. That led to the creation of feudalism.
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At the bottom of the European Feudal System were the serfs. They were peasants that lived on manors and worked hard in exchange for shelter and protection. Serfs could not even grind their own grain at the lord's mill; they had to pay. The serfs were also the largest class.

How European Feudalism Differed from Japanese Feudalism

In Europe, most knights practiced Christianity. Japanese samurai practiced Buddhism or Shintoism. Their literature was also different. The Japanese wrote beautiful, 17 syllable poems called haikus. They were often about nature. The Europeans wrote long, epic poems about warriors. Also, European feudalism had four levels: King, Lords, Knights, and Serfs. Japanese feudalism had five levels: Emporer, Shoguns, and Daimyos, Samurai, Peasants and Artisans, and Merchants.