Teddy Roosevelt

The Progressive King

Early life

Teddy Roosevelt was the second child of his parents, Theodore and Martha Bullock Roosevelt. As a child, Roosevelt was intelligent and ambitious. Roosevelt and his siblings were all homeschooled by their mother, aunt, and a French governess. For college, Roosevelt attended Harvard University.

How Roosevelt was a Progressive

Teddy Roosevelt did many things to socially, politically, and economically advance the country. Roosevelt made reforms or changes to the United States. One of the greatest things Roosevelt did was help regulate business. He did this by opposing Big Business. Roosevelt was known as a "Trustbuster" because he broke up so many Trusts and Pools in Big Business. Another thing Roosevelt did was greatly improve the rights of workers and labor Unions. When workers went on strike Roosevelt forced the Businesses to negotiate with workers, which no other President, to that point, had done. Finally, Roosevelt played a great role in the improvement of foreign affairs. When Roosevelt left office, the United States was much more globally acclimated than when he first became President.

The king of the progressive Era

Teddy Roosevelt Quote

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As we can see in this quote, Teddy Roosevelt believed in being a hard, honest worker.
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Teddy Roosevelt Picture

Roosevelt was the 25th President of the united States