The Shoe Drive is here!!


The Shoe Drive

Attention everbody gather up all your used shoes and put them in the bin outside your classroom!!
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Heres what you do:

Step 1, Go into to your closet and get your used shoes but they must be wearble! Step 2, Tie the laces or put them in a Walmart bag! Step 3, Put them in a the bin outside your classroom that says Shoe Drive or has other shoes in it

Heres what Ozark water project does:

Step 1, They pick up the shoes and sell the to people that ship them over seas Step 2, The people that take them sell it to the country that needs it Step 3, The money goes to building a well for clean water

More Shoe Drive facts

*They sell them Thiry Five sence a pound

Clean water

You drink this

Dirty water

They drink this