Hydrogen cars

A fuel to the future

Why we should use hydrogen

Today in this world we have a limited supply of fossil fuels which quickly running out everyday. That's why scientist are trying to find a way to use hydrogen without it being so expense. Why hydrogen? Today in the united states we have over 17.1 billions pounds of clean hydrogen fuel. hydrogen is much cleaner and reliable supply than fossil fuels which is based off of animals pre-existence and hydrogen is not, That is a few reasons why we should use hydrogen instead of fossil fuels.

Hydrogen cars

How Hydrogen Cars Work

The advantages to using hydrogen cars

Hydrogen cars are Eco-friendly and we have a lot of it. Over 70% of earth (land) is made up of hydrogen. Another advantage is pollution. No carbon emissions are produced when electricity is generated in a fuel cell. A hydrogen fuel cell produces two byproducts. Which is heat and water. If every car on the road were powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, the familiar clouds of smog(pollution clouds) that hang over a lot of cities in the united states, most of which comes from vehicle exhaust, would mainly disappear. If we all used hydrogen half of all Americans who live in big It wouldn’t have a negative effect on the human body because there is very little pollution from hydrogen.

How a hydrogen car works

The hydrogen fuel cells work or react with oxygen to create an electric current that can start an electric motor. Which then uses heat and water to make a cleaner fuel to use on cars instead of fossil fuels which have exhaust from using coal and oil which pollute the oxygen in the air that we breathe everyday