Second Grade

Rock Star News


Our Field Trip was AWESOME!!!!! Thanks so much to all the parents able to make it. I have started an album with the pictures I took.

Here is the link.

Panther Reports will go home tomorrow

I spent the weekend sick on the couch. No trick or treating for me. But, the good news is I am feeling so much better than last week!!! I will have Panther Reports ready tomorrow and the rest of grades in tonight. Thanks so much for your understanding!


Peachtree Academy

Elementary Art Fair

Monday November 3rd

at 6:00 pm

Conyers Campus Gym

Your child has worked very hard on their art pieces and are very proud of them. Mrs Adams has turned the gym into a fabulous gallery, featuring your child's work. Please take the time to drop by and browse the art on display. Your child has worked very hard on their art pieces and are very proud of them.

Six Flag Reading Log Due December 1st

This month we are filling out our Six Flag Reading Logs as our monthly log.

Please be sure to follow the directions and fill this out completely. I would like for all of us to earn a ticket and make a big event out of this at the end of the year.

Please Total the number of minutes read for October and turn in if you already have not.

Thanks so much!!!

What's happening this week...

Reading- . We are working on our first book report of the year. Students will read their AR picture book and fill out the report sections I have sent home. They will work on the actual report in class the day.

Reading Logs are in your child's Fish Notebook. They are different this month please follow directions for these so we can all earn tickets to Six Flags. Please have your child read for a total of 20 minutes each day. Talk to your child as they read to you each night. Ask them questions about what they read.

Language Arts- This week's spelling patterns is the long e sound. We will continue with pretests. Your child will only do homework for the spelling words they missed. They must turn in their pretest with their homework. I am trying to get a sense of what the students know before they take their pretests and study their words as it will help me design lists and lessons for them.

We are beginning a new unit on verbs. This week we will review identifying verbs as action or doing words. Point our verbs as you or your child uses the. The more they think these things are important to you, they will become important to them.

Math-- We are continuing learning different strategies for adding double digit numbers. We are moving from concrete examples toward the traditional form we all remember learning in school.

*Remember to practice math facts every day. It is so important that they are fluent in those facts. Use I can see in my reports where not everyone is practicing those math facts. When your child is ready it will progress them to the next level. No matter how much they know it will push them to the next level. Please be sure to use this daily.

Social Studies/Science--Our field trip was fabulous and I was so proud of our Rock Stars and the wonderful observations they made. There is a quiz tomorrow over our Social Studies Weeklies 10 and 11. Those will go home with the journals tonight. More details on the quiz are on RenWeb. We will test next Monday.

Harvest Festival

Saturday, Nov. 8th, 11am-3pm

1801 Ellington Road Southeast

Conyers, GA

Rock Star of the Week

Chase Taylor

Box Tops and Campbell's Soup Labels

Don't forget to collect those labels and turn them in!!!!

A big thank you to everyone collecting!!!