Muscle Supplements & Exercise Myths

By: Jasmine Johnson

Supplement Myth: Dietary Supplements


Ripped Tabs have been designed as a premier anabolic cutting agent. This means Ripped Tabs not only act as an energy producing fat burning tool, but also as a powerful muscle building agent!

In reality...

Products like "Ripped Tabs" have been recalled by the FDA because the product contains steroids. This ingredient in these tablets can cause acute liver injury in addition to other serious long-term health consequences in men, women, and children. These include shrinkage of the testes and male infertility, masculinization of women, breast enlargement in males, short stature in children, a higher predilection to misuse other drugs and alcohol, adverse effects on blood lipid levels, and increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and death.

Exercise Myth: No pain, no gain.


People need to feel pain through the entirety of their workout or they're not getting the benefit

In reality...

Feeling a little discomfort during a workout is OK; however, if it's so intense you feel like your about to pass out, you can't continue working out any longer, then the workout is too difficult and your at an increased risk for injury or burnout. You want to exercise smarter, not harder!

Get Ripped The Right Way!

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