Get your Se now

By Jared Ingram


Have you ever seen a dog that is just way to cute to where you just don't want to be by it? Have you ever been in a relationship that you were just too close and you needed to be apart? Well now you can get your se. It is just perfect for you. It makes you get apart and get some room from everyone. It really does help too. Come now and get your se. It is great compared to together pro. You don't have to close anymore. It is way better than being together.


It looks a lot like this. You just have to rub a little stuff like the picture below. This little boy brings the right atmosphere where you are now. This altruistic boy gets your new se into your body system making you get very apart and unleashing the inner you. So come on out all you couples or dog owners. The new se really does do a good job.

The Beginning of Se

Se had a very good life going. He lived "apart" from everyone else. Nobody bothered him or messed with him. All was well until one day he met this girl named Heather Together. She was the opposite of him but he really wanted her. They got together, but didn't last that long. They were complete opposites and they had nothing in common. One day the decided to go see a movie t get past all of their troubles. Well, they couldn't decide which movie to see. Heather Together couldn't take it anymore and threatened to kill se. He then pushed her on the side of the road and left her there taking her car. That was when Se was born. He knew that he could only be apart. That is how Se was created.