Oregon state or Oregon

The truth behind each uiversity

For years Oregonians have been arguing which university deserves the glory. Both schools have their pros and cons academically, and both have great sports teams.

Academic perspective

Both university are equal academically, both being perfect targets for different professions. For example a engineer or somebody interested in the psychology field that person would typically go to OSU. While somebody in a field like engineering should pay more attention to OU.
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Oregon state is known for their legendary football team, while OSU has some of the best wrestlers in the nation wrestle for them. OSU also has the has a astonishing basket ball team. Sports has all ways has been the mane argue. Nobody can really route for the same team, especially during a battle of the colleges.


Oregon colleges have always had over the top fans, dressing up in their favorite sport ware, standing on the sideline rooting for their beloved team. If it is football, then it is football, if it is basketball, then let it be basket ball. We all see differently on each university, each as superior to the other.

Go OSU and O

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