Infomation about Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman

timeline of Abel's exploration

How long was Abel Tasman's exploration you say well,

Abel Tasman's timeline was about 1642-1644 as well.

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The reason of Abel Tasman's voyage

Abel Tasman's voyage is 1642-1644.

So he loved every single thing about discovering.

A map of Abel Tasman's voyage

This is Abel's voyage map isn't it amazing look at all of the islands he has found out.

Also I'll tell you how much islands and land I know:

New Zealand,Van Dieman's land, Fiji, Tonga and that's all I know.

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What is my explorer

Hi today I'm learning about explorers and this is my explorer:

Abel Tasman he is a very nice man.

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What significant discoveries did Abel Tasman make

This is how much I know about what discoveries Abel Tasman made:

New Zealand, Fiji ,Van Dieman's Land, Tonga.

So that's all I know so now you know.

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