I am the Wallpaper

Mark Peter Hughes

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About the Author

The author of I am the Wallpaper, Mark Peter Hughes, was born in Liverpool, England, but grew up in the coastal town of Barrington, Rhode Island. The book he wrote, I am the Wallpaper, is a book about Floey Packer, the main character, who always feels left out, unnoticed, and hated. Mark worked at many different jobs as a teenager. He went from being a gas station attendant to a fast-food zombie to a beach sticker enforcer and dishwasher. He also went from clam factory worker to being a movie theater usher, and many other jobs. Mark Peter Hughes states that he was a former member of a local rock band, and was once kicked out of eighth grade music class for throwing a spitball. When he became older, he got a degree in engineering, along with a minor in creative writing. Mark earned his degree in the University of Rochester, when he left Rhode Island. After earning his degrees, he now lives in Wayland, Massachusetts with his wife and three children.

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The book "I am the Wallpaper" takes place at the main character, Floey Packer's, house. The book is in the present, at her sister's wedding, at their house.

Book Reviews

“An amusing, quirky tale…entertaining…”

~Kirkus Reviews

“…interesting and entertaining…”

~ Josh Bickford, Barrington Times

Is Floey Packer ever going to be noticed and loved? Read I am the wallpaper to find out!

Final Reflection

Describe three things you learned from reading this book.

1) I learned that you should always try different things.

2) I learned that you should be different, and standout

3) I learned that if you are unnoticed and hated, that you shouldn't change, no matter how much you want too.

What was the best part of this novel? Focus on a particular chapter, scene, or interaction between characters. Explain completely.

My favorite part of the book was when Floey decided to change. This was my favorite part because the book showed how she went from being a nobody, hated and unnoticed, to a whole new, improved "famous" person, who everyone starts to notice and like.


In the book I am the Wallpaper, the main character is Floey Packer. Throughout the book, she feels hated and unnoticed. She tries to change herself to be the complete opposite, and finds it to work out worse for her. In the end of the book, she finds out that changing wasn't a good idea, and it made everything a lot worse.