The only form of safe sex

What is Safe Sex?

Safe sex is when a couple takes precautions to avoid contracting STIs or getting pregnant. There are many ways to have safer sex, but the only true way to have safe sex is not having sex at all.
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What are the risks of unwanted pregnancies or STI's?

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Unwanted Pregnancies

Having a baby before you are ready will heavily effect you financially, socially, physically, and emotional.

  • You will not be able to support a baby financially. Babies cost a lot of money to raise, and if you are not ready, then you will not be able to sufficiently provide for your child, and you will have less personal money too.

  • Taking care of a baby also takes up a lot of time. You will be spending less time studying, or working, or hanging out with friends. Instead, you will be forced to take care of the baby.

  • Physically, a woman would have to carry around an extra 25 pounds around while she is pregnant. Then, even after the baby is born, she will still have to carry the baby around, because she has to take care of it.

  • Finally, you will not be emotionally ready to have a baby. You will not fully understand how to take care of a baby, and you will not make an ideal parent. You might not want the baby at all, and lose all motivation of becoming a good parent.

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STIs, or sexually transmitted infections are very contagious, dangerous, and sometimes deadly. There are 3 types of STIs: Viral, Bacterial, and Parasite. Some viral diseases such as HIV are deadly. Having an STI will effect you in a few ways.

  • Physically

The symptoms of STIs depend on the disease, but can be very severe. Some examples are, fever or flu like symptoms, genital itching, genital discharge, pain, or even death. You may also develop highly visible sores on the lips and face.

  • Emotionally

Some viral diseases cannot be cured, and stay with you for life. The four H's, HIV, HPV, Herpes, and Hepatitis are all STI's that cannot be cured. Their symptoms can be alleviated through medication, but will never truly go away. This leaves infected people feeling that they are dirty. They have been infected, and are not the same anymore. This dark feeling can lead to depression.

Strategies to avoid unwanted pregnancies of STI's


Birth Control is a way to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Some forms of birth control are

  • Condoms

A thin rubber sheath worn on the penis during sex that blocks semen from entering the vagina.

  • Diaphragm

A thin cap, placed over the cervix, that blocks the semen from fertilizing the egg.

  • Birth Control Pills
  • IUD
  • Surgical
  • Rhythm

All of these forms of birth control (except for condoms), however, do not protect against STIs.

the best strategy: 100% success rate

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Why Abstinence?

Obviously, the best way to reduce the risks of sex is to avoid having sex all together. If you don't have sex, then it is impossible to get pregnant or get STI's. This does not mean that you can never have sex. Just wait until you are more prepared for the consequences, or when you are ready to have a child. You can remain abstinent through High School, College, or even till your married.

Clarify with partner

Just wait! Discuss with your partner about your sexual limits. This will help in the future with bad, in the moment, actions. You should define abstinence. Does it just mean no sexual intercourse? What about Oral Sex? Kissing?

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