16th St Church bombing

By Kade Crittenden

Why was this church so important?

It was so important because that was sort of there base it were they started there protest and the KKK have threaten to boom them because they didn't like what they were doing.

Who done it?

At 10:22.a.m on the morning of september 15,1963 about 200 people were inside for sunday service at 11:00.a.m. the bomb went off on the east side the whole church was filled with black smoke 4 girls died and 20 injured in the blast. But the KKK was responsible for the bombing.

These are three of the four girls that were killed.

It is just sad

One of the most asked questions is why?

Because the KKK did't like what they were doing so they toke matter in there own hands and did that bombing.

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