Infectious Diseases

Diana Martinez

8.L.1.1 Summarize the basic characteristics of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites relating to the spread, treatment and prevention of disease.

8.L.1.2 Explain the difference between epidemic and pandemic as it relates to the spread, treatment and prevention of disease.


Its an study of microscopic organisms, thats called bacterial,virus,archaea,fungi protozoa.


Its a nonliving organisms, Its transmitted by air, surfaces, and by contact with inflected person. Its prevented by washing hands and staying at home.A disease that can cause it is the cool and the ful.
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Its an living organisms, Its transmitted by surface, people, air and more. Its treated by antibiotics. Its prevented by washing your hands, cleaning cuts. Some diseases it can cause is strep throats and tuberculosis.
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Its living, its transmitted by wind, air, and animals. Its treated by shampoos, and medicine. Its prevented by washing your hands. Diseases it can cause is athletes food, ring wram
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Its living, they move their own from one organism to the next. Its treated by medicines, direct removal of parasite from host. Its prevented by not drinking water lacks, streams, and use water to wash all food.
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An outbreak is an occurrence of a disease greater than would otherwise be at a particular the and place.

An epidemic is a outbreak of a diseases that affects many people in an area of a specific country or region.

An pandemic is a epidemic that spreads over a very large area or through the entire world.

There similar because they both effect people but epidemic is in a specific place its effects people in and pandemic spreads over a larger area.

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