All About American Literature

a series of podcasts to help prepare for the EOCT.

What do I need to know for the American Literature End-of-Course Test?

The Georgia End-of-Course Test (EOCT) for American Literature and Composition is
designed to test four major areas of knowledge, called content domains. The content
domains are broad categories and, in some cases, include elements from more than one
strand of the state-mandated content standards. Each of the content domains is broken
down into smaller ideas. These smaller ideas are called standards. Each content domain
contains standards that cover different ideas related to its content domain. Each question on the EOCT measures an individual standard within a content domain.

Below are the four content domains that make up the American Literature EOCT:

I. Reading (Literary and Informational)
II. Speaking and Listening
III. Writing
IV. Language

Georgia Department of Education. EOCT American Literature Study Guide. Atlanta: Georgia Department of Education, 2013.


Below you will find a series of podcasts about the different genres of American Literature. These videos are intended to serve as support as you prepare for the upcoming End of Course Test.

Native American Literary Movement Podcast

Native American Literary Movement

American Colonialism Podcast

Colonial Period of American Literature

American Revolutionary Literature Podcast

American Romanticism and Transcendentalism Podcast


American Realism

American Modernism Podcast

Additional Resources

Directly below you will find links to two self-guided Prezis about Characterization and Structure in American Literature. Each of these concepts frequently end up on the End of Course Test in American Literature.

Themes of American Literature

Last thing... Themes of American Literature

While understanding the literary genres, characterization, and structure is all important, understanding the themes of American Literature is arguably more important. The podcast below explains the most common themes in American Literature.
American Literature Themes and Concepts