Ilitarecy in the U.S.

Illiteracy in adults

Illiteracy background

According to the article 26 it states '' Right to education'' . To give a description adults today are not living well when it comes to injustice's that they may face at times because of their illiteracy that they have. Many of them are taken advantage of because of their low reading level or illiteracy. A clear example of this is when they have to sign papers that they dont know what it actually means and people today make them think that it is something good when its actually bad . This would include anybody from adults to teens and children no matter of race,ethnicity, class. Many children today are getting an education that many people have not gotten before in the past. This would include the discrimination that happens in the past which did not give equality that would include education . Today their is a large amount of people illiterate compared to other country's it is the 22 country in illiteracy by 99% . According to to Depart of education and the national institute of literacy states ''32 million people adults can't read.That 14 percent of the population.'' Compared to many country's the us is considered the most illiterate country .

Organizations that help

What has been done?

What has been done about the issues is doing done today to solve the problem is advocacy . Programs like pro literacy they have advocacy online today for resources that will help people who are illiterate . Pro literacy does advocacy online in order to stop the illiteracy that has the country has one of the worst illiterate country's in the world . pro literacy also advocates to do fundraisers in order to collect money and get materials that will be needed to teach adults to read. Many adults today don't have resources that can help them educate them. They also involve the general public in literacy programs and volunteer programs they can help in . They also try to prevent two different things as well that connects to illiteracy in a very powerful way . According to it it states that '' Among these with the lowest illiteracy rates ,43 percent live in poverty rate .Pro literacy teaches adults with difficulties to read to succeed in the future and get jobs that can help them in the future.


Every adult has a right to literacy. We develop and promote adult literacy learning, content, and programs to help adult learners, and we advocate on their behalf.

Annotated biography

This website helped me because it showed me at what rank was each country was at . This was also useful because it teaches us that the U.S has one of the poorest country's when it comes it illiteracy in the world. many of the other countries have higher levels of adults can read yet we can not do that .

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This website was useful because it gave me useful statics to see the percentages of people who can't read in the U.S. I learned that many of the people in the U.S are illiterate and theses people are from any ethnicity not just one. Many other countries are doing better because they are being educated like article 26 had said before .

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