Survival Guide for Kermadec Island


Where are you?

A bomb was detenated to take out the plane you where asllep and uncunsious when you woke up the the plane was split in half and you may be the only survier you have crashed in Australia, New Zelands Kermadec Islands. It subtropical region. Now the climeat is 60.8 degrees fahrenheit to 75.92 degrees fahrenheit. This is a Island with volcanic activity locatted in the Pacific Ocean.
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To suvive you must...

First collect all the useful material from the plane you must use everything possible to live. Second creat a shelter out of woood or giant leaves. Third make a fire from flent and steel or rubbing wood together really fast to creat friction or if you smoke you already have a lighter and you need wood and dryed grass for the fire Fourth now you need to find a water souser or the ocean water you must boil the water and collect the vapor to get clean water the vapor will soon turn in to nice freash water Fith grab rocks and put then on the shore to spell the word help Sixth creat a huge fire to signal in comming plans and ships

Animals Dogs, Rats, and Goats


These are a great animals mostly because they are man's best freind. Dogs are helpful because you can train them to go keep you warm to portect you and be a great freind. Dogs are ediable but is going to be your last choce. If the dog are not a at a young age and have rabies they can be very dangusus and maybe even kill you be carefull.


These animals are supper helpfull they are so good to eat but they can be harmfull if they charge at you they can hurt you but not ever likely as death
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Plants Orange trees kermadec nikau and kermadec pohutukaw

Orange trees

These trees are rare to find but it's fruit is great to eat they are not posins or harfull but to get them you have to pick them because if they fall on the floor the rot fast
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Kermadec nikau

These are just like a plam tree these ore noy ediable but not at all harmful but provides a little shade.
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