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New Nonfiction Books!

The media center recently received a complete set of National Geographic Kids Readers! These books range from level one to three in difficulty and cover topics that will interest all students. While not all of the books have SRC tests, many do.

Thanks to the PTA for providing us with the funds for these books!

Coming soon...Bilingual books purchased through Rotary grant!

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Wishing there was a website that could help teach your students to type?

Your wish is granted!

Alfa Typing is a great resource for teaching students keyboarding skills. You can create a class, add individual students, and then monitor their progress as they work through the levels. While there are typing games on this website, it offers so much more.

Let me know if you have any questions about setting up your class!

Check it out below.

What? Thousands of free eBooks?!?!

Yes! We have thousands of popular, high-quality books for grades K-5 available to us for free (in addition to the eBooks on NC Wise Owl!).

At the most recent Digital Teaching and Learning meeting, EPIC! books was shared with us as a great free reading resource for classrooms. Some of the features include:

  • wide-variety of books: early readers, chapter books, non-fiction, Read-to-Me Audio (great feature for our ESL students)
  • create up to 36 individual profiles based on interests and reading levels or simply have students read books as guests without having to create any additional profiles
  • access digital reading logs to keep track of books and minutes read
  • access via desktop, netbook, and iPads (in the process of adding app to iPads)

You can learn more and register at the website below:

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What in the world???

This wonderfully funny looking contraption is an iPad tripod mount!

The mount attaches to a tripod in order to produce super-stabilized and professional-looking videos with your iPad. This would be great for students working on digital storytelling projects or making a video of some sort. It will also be useful in creating a flipped lesson or any other type of instructional video. The possibilities are endless!

The mount is available for check-out, and I will be happy to show you how to use it.

Parent Tips for Encouraging Children to Read

In response to the SIT minutes that documented parents requesting advice on ways to encourage their students to read, I've added some resources to the media center website. There is now a section titled "Reading Tips for Parents". These links offer resources in both English and Spanish. In addition, I've also created a "Parent Resource" section that offers recommended educational apps as well as information literacy links (see image below).

How can we incorporate some of these reading tips into your classroom newsletter? Would all grades be interested in adding reading tips to their newsletter (or are you already?)? Let me know your thoughts. For now, please let parents know about the new addition of parent reading tips and resources to the media center's webpage in your next newsletter.

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Shout Out to Mrs. Gilbertson and the 5th Grade Team

5th grade researchers met social studies and information technology standards through a collaborative lesson that spanned 4 weeks and utilized their library flex time. Students also learned how to cite 3 different resources: books, websites, and encyclopedias. Students compiled their research into interactive lap books that they also used to present their findings. See a few of them below: