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Hello Susitna Optional Families

Welcome to our new newsletter! I hope you like our new format.

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Sara Crewdson

SOPG Board Member

Is your time valuable? Do you want to make a big contribution to the whole school?

If yes, we have a big job for you?

We are looking for parents willing to paint signs for the parking lot. We have had 8 wood signs donated (weatherized and all) about 2 feet tall with their stakes on and 18" wide. We need parents willing to paint fairly fragrant signs with purple background and yellow lettering instructing car riders on our procedures. They will need to say the following.

Words for signage: Purple background with yellow words please.

Pull Forward
Stay in Vehicle
One Way
Busses only
Stop, Drop, & Roll
Exit Curbside
(Drop Off -->
Park <---)

If you can help please contact Shawnee Susitna Music Teacher.

Upcoming Events!

  • October 16th – NO SCHOOL (end of 1st quarter)
  • October 21 & 22 – Parent Child Conferences (1/2 Days)
  • October 23rd – NO SCHOOL
  • October 30th – K/1 Learning Lunch – Character Celebration (12-1pm)
  • Nov 4th - Parent Work Night & SOPG Parent Meeting @ 6pm with Pizza provided (Education Evening about Bullying with guest speaker Jan Davis (SEL/Professional Learning Specialist) , more details to follow)
  • Nov 11th - Fall Intensives - Sign up Here! (Need a Volunteer Parent Coordinator).
  • Nov 20th - Thanksgiving Feast - Sign up Here!
  • Dec 11th - Project Day! - Sign up Here! (Need an assistant parent coordinator)
  • Volunteers Needed!

    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Please choose and sign up for at least 2 or 3 events that you and your family can help with. I have all event information and sign-up sheets on our website under Volunteers Needed! Click Here!

    Parent Participation Volunteer Hours (min 36/year per family)

    We are in need of Parent Coordinators for some of our events. Please consider volunteering. Worth 26 hours each event you help coordinate with the teachers and SOPG Board members! Easiest way to get your hours completed!

    Events that need your help:

    • Fall Intensives: Coordinator is responsible to make sure everything is moving smoothly. Help Ms. Brittany with gathering supplies from other parents and help as needed.
    • Thanksgiving Feast: Assistant Coordinator to help Laura Ison and learn how she plans this event for the future.
    • Project Day: Assistant Coordinator to help Angel Solter plan this wonderful event. (could use a couple of people for this one)
    • Sledding Night: Coordinator is responsible to plan and make sure everything runs smoothly with the teacher coordinator and SOPG board
    • Family Dance Night: Assistant Coordinator to help Sara Crewdson plan this wonderful event.
    • Spring Intensives: Coordinator to help Ms. Brittany as needed.
    • Spring Bike Trip/Picnic: Coordinator to help Ms. Jennifer as needed.

    If you are interested in helping coordinate an event this year, or would like more information please email me at

    Don’t forget to start logging your Hours! Click HERE!

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    Susitna Optional Parent Group

    SOPG is specifically dedicated to supporting the Open Optional Program at Susitna Elementary. We perform functions similar to a PTA and we work closely with the teachers in the Optional Program, as well as Susitna's PTA. Key responsibilities include: assisting with PACT days (Parents and Children Together), Intensives, with Community Outreach projects, and with events like the Fall Ice Cream Social, The Spring Family Dance, spring/fall Bike Ride/Picnic, and the Year-End Barbecue.

    The Susitna Optional Parent Group, or SOPG, is a volunteer parent group comprised of parents or guardians of children in the Open Optional Program at Susitna Elementary. SOPG is led by a volunteer advisory board consisting of a Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Members at Large.

    The Current SOPG Board Members are

    (to email click on member name)

    Chair: Rhiannon Benedetti
    Co-chair: Sara Crewdson

    Secretary: Jessica Blackson
    Treasurer: Amber Epps & Kathy Hammon

    Members at Large: Ida and DJ Litteral

    Members at Large: Angel Solter

    Members at Large: Melanie Scallo

    Members at Large: Need Volunteers Please!

    Please Join: Facebook Group Page

    Welcome to Susitna Optional Parent Group! "A caring community of critical thinkers" This group page is hopefully another way to help us all keep connected throughout the year for information about meetings, events, volunteering, parent hours, etc.

    Check out our SOPG Website

    The purpose of this site is to provide information about the Susitna Optional Parent Group, as well as those just interested in learning more about the Open Optional Program at Susitna Elementary.


    Your involvement really does make a difference for the teachers and in your child’s development.