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What is the role of a Behavior Coach?

Behavior Coaches are Instructional Support Teacher. Coaches provide behavior support by conducting observations and making recommendations for behavior interventions, along with developing capacity at each school.

Behavior Coaches are available to meet with teams or individuals to provide specialized training, consultation, and assistance with classroom management and organizational skills.

In addition, Behavior Coaches work with the building staff to build a strong foundation of behavioral knowledge through a collaborative approach, assisting the team to individualized interventions, increase student success and address behavior concerns school-wide.

Behavior Coaches may also assist with monitoring of students who exhibit behavioral concerns. They may be involved in progress monitoring of student data, providing information, intervention and strategy suggestions for developing Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs).

What can my Behavior Coach do for me?

Your Behavior Coach Supports Teachers By:

  • Providing Consultation on Classroom Strategies
  • Providing Consultation on Individual Student Behavior
  • Classroom Observation and Feedback on Engagement Strategies, Positive Interactions
  • Coordinating Peer to Peer Program (Peer Supports)
  • Coordinating Self Monitoring Plans
  • Coordinating Check In Check Out (PBIS Tier 2 Intervention)
  • Planing, Scheduling, and Attending all RTI 2 Meetings
  • Creating Individualized Behavior Plans as result of RTI 2 Meetings
  • Attending Staffings for students with IEPs as needed

Your Behavior Coach Supports Individual Students By:

  • Completing Motivational Assessments
  • Scheduling and Facilitating Peer to Peer Meetings
  • Checking In on Self Monitoring Plans
  • Being a Check In/Check Out Mentor
  • Supporting Students in the Choices Room as needed

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