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Welcome to Teaching Lessons...Defining Moments where we deal with basic applicable Godly information that pertains to the issues of today’s society surrounding: relationships, marriage, life and your destiny.

The Prophetic Prayers of the Proverbs 31 Woman

The Prophetic Prayers of the Proverbs 31 Woman is a model of prayers for women to strengthen their life through personal enrichment by focusing on themselves on a daily basis. This book of prayers will fortify her growth each day as she delves into rich supportive words that seem to leap off the page as they reinvigorate and build her up to assist her in supporting her dreams and goals.

Book Reviews

Belinda’s book is nourishment for the soul, packed with wisdom for everyday life. She will enlighten and empower you to be all that He has designed you to be--all, while putting a smile on your face."

Maria Reyes-McDavis

Author, Speaker and Creator of Live Your Impact™

The Love Journey Series

Volume I

This book is a mixture of love poems and short quips that speaks to loving a person unconditionally. If you are not on a Journey of Unconditional Love this book is a pathway to that process. Also sprinkled throughout the book are remakes of the Song of Solomon (The Modern Day Lover); one of the hottest and sexiest books in the bible. One sis asked me if she was the only one that needed a fan (to cool herself) after reading some of my quotes. I replied, “No, she is NOT the only one because I often feel I need a fan when I am writing them.”

Publisher: Sean Cort at True Perspective Publishing House

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