Ms. Reed's Super Students

May 2nd- 6th



  1. Reading Out Loud-Reading should happen every single night. Please don't think your student needs to sit in their room with a closed door reading in their head. Students should be read to often at this age! Try taking turns reading pages or reading two short books, one they read to you, and then you read the other to them. This will help with their fluency, intonation and high frequency word knowledge!
  2. Economics Fair- This is a REALLY cool project coming for us in a few weeks. A letter is being sent home this week explaining all about it. But we are getting real life examples and practice with goods and services as well as practicing to be producers and consumers.
  3. Summer Help/Practice-I will be compiling a list of apps and strategies for a little review and practice over the summer so these smart cookies don't crumble when they come back next year! (punny)
  4. Helping Others- A Carroll fifth grader is collecting products for homeless people in Frisco. There are collection boxes set up near our pod.

    Another fundraiser is underway to help a school in Nigeria. If you’re able to donate to this cause the jar is in our front office.

  5. Field Day Lunches-If you did not return your form, please dont forget to have a lunch packed in a disposable sack for your kiddo on May 20th for Field Day!


Monday, May 9th, 9am

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

Includes Tuesday and Wednesday as well :)

Cinco De Mayo and May the 4th.. Couldn't resist

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This week we learned alot!

Math- This week we have started a new unit on financial literacy! These guys have learned the terms save, spend, account, withdrawal, deposit, charge, and credit. (some of those were just extra! ;) They are going to be finance wizards!

Reading- In reading we have extended our knowledge and begun studying expository texts in a new way. We have started identifying the way an author chooses to organize their thoughts into different structures. Including procedural or life cycle, biography, and nonfiction.

Writing- We have started showing off a bit. Since the year is winding down SO fast, we will be writing two pieces to put into their folders for next year's teacher to be amazed by! This week we are writing another meaningful moment or as we call it officially, a personal narrative.

Science- This week we are SO LUCKY! Since we have been learning about butterflies and insects life-cycles, we actually got some caterpillars and are studying their life cycle through authentic observations!

Social Studies- Tomorrow we will be learning about the value of work and the choices people make about earning, spending and saving their money.

Picture Walk through our week

Next Week....

Reading- Students will use a variety of comprehension strategies to understand fiction text and show how their thinking changes during the course of a passage.

Our writers will be drafting and publishing an end-of-year writing sample in the expository genre.

In math the boys and girls will learn about the roles of producers and consumers in an economy. They will problem solve by adding and subtracting sums of money.

The students will continue to examine the caterpillars we have and we’ll study vocabulary that is addressed on the next science unit test. They will take CBA 6 on Wednesday, the 11th.

The focus of the social studies lesson is to explain how work provides income to purchase goods and services. We will investigate choices that people make about earning, spending and saving.

Celebrate Carroll

Friday, May 6th, 8am

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

Celebrate Carroll Last week

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