Fastest Street Bikes

By: Max and Grant

What Makes Bikes Fast???

Cylinders: Motorcycles usually have between one or six cylinders. A common design on a motorcycle is the V-twin motor. The cylinder are oriented so they are opposite of the pistons.

what mikes bikes fast??

Horsepower: Horsepower isn't something that makes a car/bike fast but measures the speed. The common street bike has 500-800 horsepower. The theory of horsepower is if a motor can produce 1,000hp its the equivalent to 1,000 horses running at once.

Fastest Street Bikes


~ a motorcycle is also called a motorbike

~ they are used for racing, sport, commuting

~ you can join motorcycle clubs and rallyes

~ im 1894 the first production of a motorcycle

~ they are considered as luxury in 3rd world countries

~ motorcycles have great fuel economy

The Importance of a motorcycle

A motorcycle is much less than a car and more or less does the same thing. It is a mean of transportation. They are sporty and fast. You can also get a better mileage with a motorcycle. They pollute less and than some cars and you can park in smaller or tighter areas.
278.6mph, 448.36km/h, Worlds Fastest Turbo Charged Hayabusa Streetbike. On-board Video