The Penguin Pebble

September 2022


We are so excited to have everyone back for the 2022-2023 school year! Our Penguin Pebble Newsletter will be shared each month informing families about special dates, important news and fun things we are doing here at Preschool Programs. We look forward to an amazing year with all of our staff, students and families.

Important Dates

  • September 1 -FCPS Early Dismissal
  • September 2 & 5 -FCPS & KG School NOT in session
  • September 9 - KG early dismissal; Teacher Work Day (TWD)
  • September 14 - FCPS & KG Early Dismissal; FCPS In-service
  • September 26 - FCPS School NOT in session


On September 6 your child will be sent home a bag of activities for the month of September. These activities are a fun home to school connection for parents to enjoy with their students. Each bag will have play based learning activities to help promote and practice skills they will be learning throughout the school year.

Health Corner

Welcome back! We are excited to see everyone returning to school and working to learn new routines around school. Routines take time and patience to learn and successfully achieve. While working on your new routines do not forget to stay active. Everyone might be tired for the first few weeks but keep adding physical activities to your daily routine to help your child’s mind and body. Add in a time at least once a week to make a special treat with your child. Baking is a great chance for them to help learn numbers and motor skills.

Here is a sweet treat to try for the month of September and it relates to our take home box with apples.

Mini Apple Pies

You can’t mention apples and not include apple pies! Delicious, easy and so addicting!
Time: 45 minutes; Serves: 6-12 mini pies

1 large Granny Smith Apple- cut in small pieces
½ t ground cinnamon
1 T Vanilla (extract or vanilla bean)
1 package Pie Crust
1 egg
Muffin/pie tray
Small circle cookie cutter or any drinking glass

1. Mix the diced apples, cinnamon, and vanilla extract in a bowl and let it sit.
2. Cut the pie crust into small circles using a small cookie cutter or the rim of any drinking glass.
3. Place the mini pie crusts into a muffin or pie tray.
4. Fill in the mixture but don’t overfill. Use extra pie crust to cover the top of the pies.
5. Brush egg wash on top of each
6. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes until golden brown

Big picture

Staying Active

Stay active with these tips below:

Kicking off the school year can be a busy time, leaving little room for physical activity. These three steps can help you find time to be active as a family.

1. Keep track of how your family spends time for one week.

2. Start small. Find two 30-minute time slots when your family can be active together after school or on the weekends.

3. Get going. Try these great tips:

Walk your kids to school

• Ride bikes after dinner

• Play baseball

• Jump rope

• Shoot baskets

• Dance

• Walk the dog

• Play tag

• Rake leaves

Reduce Screen Time

Kids spend a big part of their day sitting in the classroom, so you can help your children spend less time in front of the TV, computer, and video games—and more time having fun as a family—with these tips. Turn off the TV during mealtime and talk with your children about what they learned in school that day. Families who eat together tend to eat healthier.

Suggest playing outside after school and join in the fun.

Turn on some music and have a family dance party.

Be a good role model. If you reduce your screen time and move more, your kids will too!

Parent Resources

Be sure to check out the parent resources available on our website!

Resources for Parents - Walker Grant ECC School (

Healthy Eating

Check out the Dr. Yum Project flyer for mindful mealtimes pledge. Healthy eating is important and the Dr. Yum Project can share great tips and recipes throughout the year to share with your family.