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Sir Walter Raleigh was a very interesting man, he was a writer, poet, soldier, politician, courtier, spy, and explorer. Walter was from England to be exact it was Devon, England. He was born in Devon, United Kingdom on January 22, 1552, and died in Richmon, United Kingdom.
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The birth of Sir Walter Raleigh

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd 1552 at 9pm

Devon, United Kingdom

The death of Sir Walter Raleigh

Monday, Oct. 29th 1618 at 4pm

Old Palace Yard, Richmond, United Kingdom

Reason of death? Decapatation. why? Suspicion of plotting against King James.

Instead of losing his head Walter was first sent to the Tower of London (stayed there for 13 years) until King James realeased Walter on January 30, 1617 but he was still set for losing his head. When Walter was left the tower, Walter went on a gold seeking mission in Guiana, later on the expedition was a fail, he took nine hundred men and 14 ships! When Walter returned to England, he imediately was tooken back to the tower, his death still in tacked. When Walter was about to be execution but refused to be blindfolded when... "WHAM" it wasn't that dramatic though but Sir Walter's Wife got his body afterwards.


it's in United kingdom.

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