Community of Learners... INSPIRED!

Beyond the Bake Sale

Have you noticed an energy, a level of excitement, an openness to putting oneself out there. A sharing of ideas, perceptions, stories and thoughts by using tools such as Voxer, AppreNet and google doc. I would never have imagined that a book which had sat on my shelf for two years would ignite a fire in me and so many others. I love this Community of Learners that have become an extended family network. A family connected by core beliefs:

  • All Parents have DREAMS for their children
  • All parents have CAPACITY to support their children's learning
  • Parents and School Staff must be EQUAL PArtners
  • School Leaders have a responsibility to build partnerships with family and community

Watch for Beyond the Bake Sale to pop up somewhere near you. When you see it know that GREAT things are in store for your students, families, schools and community because the folks behind the book...... Have been inspiring each other to bring change to how we do family engagement!