Drug Law


What Is Drug Law?

Drug law is authority to try to regulate the use if drugs with federal law. Each state is free if they choose to to make there own law if it still remains consent with the federal law.

What do Drug law lawyers try to do.

They try to raise the reasonable doubt and have nothing happen at all and drop the charges, or try to get a plea bargains to try and reduce the sentence of there client.

Types of drugs

If you get charged with drug possession in Wisconsin these are the maximum penalty you can get.

SubstanceOffenseMaximum Penalty

Marijuana1st (Misdemeanor)6 months in Jail / $1000 fine

Marijuana2nd (Felony)3 1/2 years, $10,000

Cocaine1st (Misdemeanor)1 year in Jail, $5000 fine

Cocaine2nd (Felony)3 1/2 years, $10,000

Methamphetamine1st (Misdemeanor)1 year in Jail, $5000 fine

Methamphetamine2nd (Felony)3 1/2 years, $10,000

LSD (Acid)1st (Misdemeanor)1 year in Jail, $5000 fine

LSD (Acid)2nd (Felony)3 1/2 years, $10,000

HeroinFelony3 1/2 years, $10,000