Saber Tooth Tiger

Andrew Fisher

what type or animal?

saber tooth cat

What was the primary location of my animal?

saber tooth tigers live in western US and parts ofthe both north and south america

When was the animal last sighted?

saber tooth tiger last was by scientific orthodoxy the African saber tooth tiger, such as Megantereon and Afrosmilus died out 500,000 years ago.


1. saber tooth tiger`s teeth can grow up to 12 inches (30 cm).

2. smilodon gracilis live from (2,500,000-500,000 years ago), and weight 55-100 kg (120-220 lb).

3. smilodon fatalis live (1,000,000-10,000 years ago), and weight 160-280 kg (350-620 lb)

4. 55 new species of mammal have been discovered in the last 99 years.

5. The saber-toothed tiger also had a powerful,muscular body which meant that it could quickly catch and pounce on its prey before using it`s knife-like teeth to cause to the fatal blow.

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