Year 4 News

Week beginning November 23rd 2015

Your fortnightly update on all the happenings in Year 4

How the World Works


The changing nature of the Earth has an impact on people's lives.

The children will learn through a variety of learning engagements based on the following inquiry questions:

  • What are the different geographical features that make up the structure of the Earth?

  • How has the Earth changed and how does it continue to change?

  • How have humans responded to the Earth’s changes?

Please see the unit of Inquiry newsletter on the VLE for further details.

If there are any parents who have expertise in these areas and would like to help with activities, please contact your child’s teacher.


In maths we are continuing with subtraction strategies and investigating patterns in number. The children are using strategies to investigate and solve mathematical problems involving subtraction. We will soon be moving onto look at data handling and in particular use of graphs.


The children are enjoying reading and writing explanation texts linked to our natural disasters inquiry.

General notices

  • Please check the VLE for everything your child will need on the Year 4 camp list.

  • If you missed the Year 4 camp meeting check the VLE - Year 4 Camp!

  • Please remember to sign your child's reading record after hearing them read each night.

  • Please make sure your child has enough stationery in school. At this time in the year they often need replenishing!! Pencils, sharpeners, glue, a ruler and an eraser are essential. Check the list on the VLE.

  • Please note that for Hockey children need to have shin pads and a mouth guard (they can be purchased for the PTA for $50.00 each). Rugby requires a mouth guard as well.

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Upcoming dates for your diaries

24 November 4C Assembly 8.30 - 9.00

30 November Y4 Natural Disasters mini exhibition to parents 1.45 - 2.45pm

2 - 4 December Y4 Camp

10 December Y4 Faust Theatre trip - morning

11 December Games for Year 4 (please come in in PE kit)

Homework is on the VLE

Year 4 Homework will be written on the VLE: Please remind your child to login and check.