Career Spotlight: Meterologist

How does it work?

What do they do? How does a meterologist benefit society?

Meterologist how do they do what they do, what do they do? Meterologists have an interesting role in the news and someone peoples every day life. Meterologists have to study the atmosphere and weather. They also have to update websites and news to an hourly basis. They are relied on by most people daily.

What skills do you need, what kind of education do you need?

To become a true Meterologist, you must first get a Bachelors degree in Meterology. You must have many skills to become a good Meterologist, you must have analytical skills, and have a good strong voice. You must be able to seak under preassure.


To become a meterologist, you must be very good at speaking clearly and loudly. You must not become angry often, and your daily life should not affect your job. This is because everyone who is listening to the news does not to listen to a grumpy guy, shouting about how bad his life is. They just want to hear the weather. You must also be very adaptive in that your technology you are using will change very often.

What is my salary? Who would hire me? What are the chances of me getting this job?

If you were to become a meterologist you would be paid around $89,790 a year. Each 10 years you wait, if you have the right educatioin and at least a Bachelors degree in meterology, your chances of getting a job as a meterologist will double. Other than local news companies, three major national companies would hire you, The National Atmospheric and space Administartion, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, and Lockhead Martin.

Made by Jacob Brown