SAT Tips and Quips

A Guide that will Help You SATceed on Your SAT's

What are the SAT's?

The SAT's. They are the tests that basically determine your future. Colleges don't care about your GPA anymore and SAT scores are all they look at. Therefore, if you don't do a good job on your SAT's, you will most likely end up a drug-addicted hobo living in a sewer. No pressure though, this list is here to help you and if you follow all the steps, you'll have a bright future ahead of you and will be able to pursue the American Dream.

SAT Date

The SAT's are on the fifth of March, so make sure you are ready for them by then. all you need is a no. 2 pencil, a calculator, and a head full of information.

This is Reese High, where the Tests will Take Place

Make sure you are in THIS building when you are taking the SAT's!
Khan Academy can Help you Study for the SAT's

This is a free website that will allow you to study and practice many subjects.

4 SAT Critical Reading Strategies to Raise Your SAT Score
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