By: Taniya Kalathara

Define Allegory:

An allegory is a figure of speech in which characters, settings, and events are used to describe an abstract idea/principle.

  • Typically contain a moral or lesson
  • Can sometimes be classified as an extended metaphor

Types of Allegories:

  • Fable
  • Parable


  • Writers use allegory to add different layers of meanings to their works
  • Makes their stories and characters multidimensional, so that they stand for something larger in meanings than what they literally stand for

Examples in Literature:

Animal Farm:
  • The farm governed by animals stands to represent the communist regime of Stalin in Russia before the Second World War.
  • The pigs symbolize the government
  • The dogs represent the police force
  • The rest of the animals symbolize the working class

Lord of the Flies:

  • The island represents the whole world
  • Ralph's conch-led Parliament represents a democratic government
  • Jack's tribalism represents autocratic government
  • Piggy represents the forces of rationalism, science, and intellect
  • Simon represents a kind of natural morality

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