M. Mines 7

About Me

My name is Mario Mines. Some people call me Rio. I'ma very cool person if you get to know me. I like to listen to music, wearing desingner clothes, and expensive shoes. I like to listen the rappers like Chief Keef, Jay-Z, and Meek mill. I aslo play basketball. One day I would like to play in college. My favorite basketball players are Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Allen Iverson. Basketball is like my life. I play it so much that I fell in love with the game.


The purpose of me writing this is because I want to tell you about myself. I want you to know things you might not never knew I do or I like. I think I have interesting things people might like about me. We might have similar things we share.

6 word Memoir

I'm proud of who I am

Sun/Shadow Sentences


Mario is like fire because he untouchable.


Inwardly Mario is like a line because he limited.

Favorite Quote/Response

#26 " Good things come to those who wait. " - American Proverb

I like this one because I think its true.

Reflection of Persuasive Essay

My essay was about me winning a award on me having the nappiest head in Varina. I think I did ok but not my best. I think my weaknesses was not having strong paragraphs. My strengths are being creative.