Followers of Christianity are called Christians


Christians believe in one God, based on the God of Abraham. This is called monotheism. Their holy book is known as the Bible. It is made up of two parts; The Old Testament and The New Testament. The Bible has been translated into millions of different languages. The Christian place of worship is called a Church. Their worship leader is most commonly a Pastor, Minister, Father, and Priest. the common figure in Christianity is Abraham. God is the creator of Earth and the one who made Adam and Eve. He made all of the animals and all of the land.

Holy Cities

Jerusalem - The main place of Christian worship

Bethlehem - The place of Jesus Christ's birth to Marie and Joseph

Sacraments and Traditions

Some of the Christian/Catholic traditions are to go to Church on Christmas, Easter and on Sundays.

Communion- The receiving of the Eucharist, promising eternal life with God in Heaven

Baptism- The action dipping s/he under the holy water and bringing them up and is a symbol of presenting their life to Christ Jesus.

By Hayden Roup