Plate Techtonics

By: Braxton Brooks

San Andreas Fault, California

The San Andreas fault is a massive transform boundary.

In San Andreas, there is not much to do, theres a musuem and you could also go on a desert/nature tour. I would not suggest going there if your looking for a fun trip.

The San Andreas fault has had some notable earthquakes, scientists believe that there will be a huge earthquake soon to come from the San Andreas fault.

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Topographic Maps

You read a topographic map by looking at the contour intervals and finding the distance in between the lines

Distance to San Andreas Fault

1370 miles straight line there

1 day 1 hour by car


Divergent boundary

4000 miles to iceland 6 hours by plane

13 earthquakes have happened

landforms like volcanoes, mountains,water falls, glaciers

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convergent boundary

10,500 miles and 24 hours

landforms-volcanoes and mountians

around 80 earthquakes

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