Getting Started With EdTech

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight -Japanese Proverb

You Want Me To Do What???

Information overload goes hand in hand with technology. Every time you get used to one tool, a "better" tool comes along that everyone just HAS to have. The key is to start very small and replace just one activity (exit tickets, bell ringers, informal assessments, stations, etc.) using EdTech. This page is dedicated to finding that one EdTech tool that speaks to you and embracing it in your classroom. Scroll through the list below and explore to your heart's content...have fun!

Through the use of real time questioning, instant result aggregation and visualization, teachers can gauge the whole class’ current level of understanding.


Game Based Classroom Response System

Google Docs for PISD

Stay connected anywhere Students, faculty and staff can work together anytime, from any device.

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