Transition Plus February 4

A good laugh brings sunshine in the house

A friendly reminder: If you have information that needs to go out to the whole staff, and it can wait until Monday, submit it to be included in the MMM. We are trying to cut down on all staff emails.

School Counselor Appreciation Day

Rachel is an amazing School Counselor.

Today is National School Counselor Appreciation Day!

Make sure to let her know how much you appreciate her!

Art class will be selling Valentines this year!

We will be making a small Valentine for everyone, but we will also offer students and staff members the opportunity to purchase paper flowers that will be delivered to their Valentine 6th hour Thursday, February 14. These paper flowers will cost $1 and may include a message of your choosing. Please be on the look out for posters advertising our Valentine's Day sale as well as order forms. Spread the word!

Step Up summer jobs

The deadline to apply for Step Up summer jobs is February 10. To participate in Step Up, students must be Mpls residents. To apply, go to

Application templates are available in the T227 -the work coordinator office. The template will help students gather all the information they need to apply on-line.

To confirm, students must have a Social Security number to obtain a job through Step Up.

Here is the school wide engagement plan for staff to share with students.

It will also be posted on each floor.

Winter Wellness Week

Minneapolis Public Schools is planning for its third annual WINTER WELLNESS WEEK with a week-long virtual medal hunt, complete with rhyming clues, and themed days and events designed to foster a culture of social, emotional, and physical well-being across the district.

Join in the Winter Wellness fun with us! Take a photo, make a poster, or create a video, and use #mpswinterwellness on social media.

Staff who participate in Vitality can earn points for a variety of activities. For more information on earning Vitality points see Tom Perry.

A complete list of Wellness Week activities can be found here.

TPlus Library

Exciting news...TPlus will have a student library! This will not be a traditional library, although there will be traditional components to it. We have the option to add e-books, audio books, and maker space activities.

Suggestions for materials can be added here. Please survey your students and families and start adding titles people want to see in the library.

We will be having a meeting to talk about next steps. I have several people who have indicated interest being on the committee so far- Please sign up here.

TPlus is looking for a new grant writer!

This is an opportunity for extra hours for ESPs. Anyone with strong writing skills and a desire to collaborate with licensed staff could fit the bill. Nat can provide guidance to get you started. If you have questions, talk with Nat before Friday, Feb. 1. Otherwise reach out to Jason to convey interest in the position.

Teachers will need to change their settings on Gradebook to view 2nd semester classes and rosters. The link below is on THE SOURCE to watch a tutorial. There are also a few copies of printed directions by the mailboxes.

Semester Change: Update Login Defaults — The Source

Gradebook Semester Change: Update Login Defaults. Learn how to update your login defaults at the start of a new semester or school year.

Please remember...

On each floor, ALL diapers should be thrown in the trash container

with lid inside of the changing room.

Therapeutic Recreation update

Having spoken to several people in the building, it seems that there is some interest to partner with Mpls Parks and Rec to involve our students in therapeutic recreation and help Mpls develop programs that will be meaningful to our students in a life-long capacity. The ideas we have gathered so far are:

Aquatics programming: Accessible to EVERYONE. Staff would have to agree to get in the water with the students. Students and staff would have to wear water gear. Parks would be able to supply some support as well. In cold weather seasons, students would have to get dried off before going outside.

Gym access with trampolines, climbing wall, wedges, and mats

Equipment to do a cycling class, weight lifting or resistance training

Some students were interested in getting teams together for regular and adaptive basketball and/or hockey

If you have further ideas or specifics, please talk to Colleen. Thank you to all the staff and students who have given their input so far - this is really going to happen!

Just a reminder--

Staff leaving early - when possible, please fill out a time off request. This will help Traci to keep track of absences and reasons when approving time in ESS, or entering on AESOP. Always sign out on the sign out sheet in the office by the copy machine.

If you are leaving for a meeting, lunch or any other reason, and will be back, please sign out and connect with Traci or Melissa. This will help us to know of your whereabouts and when you will be returning in the event someone is looking for you.

ESS Entry for January 21-Feb 1.

January 21 - HOLIDAY, you must use the drop down box HOLIDAY in order to get paid. If you get an error message, continue to press enter on the keyboard until it takes.

January 24th - Marla Zappa sent codes for additional 2 hours for those who attended NCI. The additional hours are paid by Special Ed, so make sure you follow the directions in the email.

T-Plus PD, January 24th - Enter REGULAR hours for a total of 6 if you were present. Traci will send extended time codes for T-Plus PD based on sign in and time cards. Please check your email for those codes.

January 28-31 - Enter regular time unless you previously called in an absence during that time, you must enter the absences to reflect that.

February 1 - Regular time if you were in attendance

Due to these unusual circumstances, the deadline to enter is extended to Tuesday, Feb. 5th.

Upcoming at TPlus

Monday -------- National School Counselor Appreciation Day

Tuesday ------- Licensed Staff Meeting------ Small Cafe-----8:30


Thursday-------- Special Education Advisory Council Meeting (SEAC)--- 6:30-8:00pm

Friday ------------ ILT ----------------------------------- Greg's room----8:30