By: Luqman Ali

Job Title and Duties

There are many job titles for this job such as electrical engineer, electrical contractor, electrical foreman/woman, electrical wiring and power inspector, and electrical test supervisor. There are many more job titles but those are the most important out of all of them. The job duties for an electrician are that the have to know how to read blueprints and know how to read a technical diagram. They also need to know how to install and maintain wiring around a house and any other place that needs wiring. They also need to know how to inspect electrical components such as circuit breakers and transformers. Another thing they need to know to do is identify electrical problems with a variety of testing devices. And the last job duty they need to know how to do is to follow local building regulations based on the NEC (national electrical code).

Who does an electrician report to, and who reports important stuff to the electrician?

An electrician reports to his or her supervisor if they have any complaints while working in the field. They only do so when their customer is being rude or disrespectful to them while they are doing wiring for them. The person that reports to an electrician is someone who is doing an apprenticeship or someone who is new a being an electrician.

Average wage

The average wage for an electrician hourly is around $38.13 in Calgary, Alberta. The lowest wage amount is $21.00 an hour in (PEI) Price Edward Island. The median wage in Toronto,Canada is about $28.00 an hour. The yearly salary earnings for an electrician in Canada is $51,110 and the highest you could get paid is around $85,590 to $100,000.

Possible work locations and hours

If you are a licensed electrician you can work anywhere in Canada. So if you have your license you can work in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and anywhere else in Canada. You can also work in all the states in the United States of America. The amount of hours you work in week for an electrician is about 40 hours a week but you can work over time if you want to make more money. So basically you work for 8 hours a day for 5 days a week but if you work over time you work for more hours a day.

Educational Requirements and compulsory or voluntary trade

To become an electrician you need to have a high school diploma or higher. You do not really need to go to university you can just go through an apprenticeship for four years such as the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers or the National Electrical Contractors Association. If you finish the four year program you can basically work on both the construction field or repair projects. Being a electrician is a voluntary trade it is not a compulsory trade because nobody forces you to become an electrician you choose it by your own free will.

Opportunities for advancement and possible hazard

An experienced electrician has many opportunities for advancement. He or she can become a supervisor. A person who works in construction can become a project manager. Also some of them start their own businesses and become contractors and they can also become electrical inspectors. The possible hazards for being an electrician is the most important and the most likely is being electrocuted. Electricians work in dangerous settings and the possible hazards are electrical shock, risk of electrical burns, fire, and extreme temperatures.
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Personal qualities and traits recommended

The qualities and traits you need to be an electrician is you have to be responsible, careful, trustworthy, intelligent, intellectual, and aware. The qualities for being a is that you have to know how to use math in your everyday life, and you have to know how to read and comprehend, you have to know how to write and have critical thinking.
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To conclude, being an electrician is an amazing job. You get paid a lot of money and also can work anywhere in North America if you wanted. Also to be an electrician you do not have to go to university its an option it is not mandatory for you to go. And lastly there are many different types of jobs as an electrician so you can choose from many