WCE5: A Half a Decade of Excellence

Shaun Gilday: Free Agent, or Bad Teammate?

Did Shaun make one of the biggest off-season blunders in WCE history last week? Over the weekend, Shaun gently announced his status as a “Free Agent”…much to the surprise of his loyal partner, Phillip Murray. “I think I’m officially a free agent…” said Shaun. Even further, he reached out to Mr. Reid Bruner, as a possible replacement to Murray. Where does Shaun go from here? Does anyone want to be his partner now, knowing how he handles his business? Where does Mr. Will Boley fit in, and how does his KY connection work into this equation. Keep reading the Gazette for more information on this ridiculous situation.

WCE & Joe Haning

In November, Phillip Murray was commissioned by Hanings Hero's to work at Gleaners Food Bank, on behalf of the WCE. Phillip took time away from his work and family to serve the underprivileged, all in the name of Joe Haning. "When Joe makes a personal phone call to you, asking if you can help...you help. Its that simple. I was raised to assist those less fortunate, and am happy I am able to help in the name of the WCE, and Joe Haning." Said Murray.
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Saturday, Feb. 28th 2015 at 1:30-9pm

Carmel, IN, United States

Carmel, IN

Who will sink the last cap?