Death of Marilyn Monroe

Kylee Kilgore

Background information

Marilyn Monroe was a famous model and actress know for playing "dumb blonde" characters. She was a sex symbol of for the 1950's. That did not change even after her death. On August 5th, 1962, she was found naked in her bed and was not breathing.

media Perspective #1 says that her maid, Eunice Murray noticed Marilyn's bedroom light was on and her door was locked. It was noted that Monroe was unresponsive to her maid. Murray called Monroe's psychiatrist whom broke in through her window and found her. The police were called soon after. She was found dead in lying in her bed with a phone in one hand and an empty pill bottle in the other just after midnight. They claim that it was a probable suicide. She had taken all of her depression pills and overdosed.

media perspective #2

On, they argue that Marilyn would never commit suicide. John W. Miner argues that she would never have done anything like that. He claims that in videos that she had made just for fun, her personality was spontaneous. She had too much going for her. "The actress was anything but suicidal." People that knew her and loved her refused to believe that she killed herself. The article claims that she was poisoned and they had a few suspects but never had enough evidence to make any claims or arrest anyone.

media bias

From the pictures and the articles that we read and the movies that we have watched, it seems to be Marilyn Monroe had a pretty good life. She took her life because she was "addicted to drugs," because "she was depressed," "she got poisoned." I personally believe that Marilyn just got tired of the way she was living. She never had time for herself. She was probably fed up with the way people were treating her. She took all those pills because she wanted to live a different lifestyle and new she couldn't. She never had a real family, and couldn't keep a husband. I wouldn't want to be alive either.

feminist criticism

I feel like other women either hated her or wanted to be her. She got all this attention that you wouldn't usually see in that time. Women didn't agree with her. A lot of people didn't approve of this image that she was showing the world. "She was showing too much of herself." She stood up for herself in a male- dominate society. She changed they way people dressed and looked at themselves. She made women want to be something bigger.

historical criticism

Back in the 1950's, most people didn't agree with the change. She was showing things and playing roles you normally wouldn't see or watch. Younger people admired her and older people weren't happy with the idea of her. She came from nothing and tried to become something.
The Mysterious Death Of Marilyn Monroe