The Fellowship of the Ring

Book Report

Middle Earth

In middle earth there is place called the Shire where everything is peaceful that is where hobbits live. The land outside the Shire is evil teeming with monsters. There is place named Mordor where the dark lord rises. It is up to Frodo to stop him but first he must survive the Mines of Moria, orcs, and the 9 dark riders before he gets there. There is also safe places to stay like Rivendell, Bree, and the house of Tom Bombadil. There is still many dangers on the way.

The Dark Lord Rises

The Dark Lord is rising and knows the ring still exists and will kill anyone who stands his way of taking it back. If recovers it he will be basically indestructible and will rule Middle Earth. Frodo is the only thing that stand in his way along with his friends. The only way to destroy the dark lord is to destroy the ring in Mount Doom. To do this you have to throw it in the mountain lava which that its shelf is difficult but he also must fight orcs, dark riders, and possibly even Gollum.

The Ring

The ring itself is actually part of the dark lord`s soul and has a evil power to it. It is the whole conflict and has turned hundreds evil. It is as powerful as all the rings combined and controls all the rings. No one but Frodo can withstand its power.


I liked this book because it was heart warming and action packed. It leaves you hanging to where you want to read the rest of the series. The courage and friendship keeps up your sprit. Frodo is caring and doesn't give. My favorite character is Aragorn because he is a good fighter and great leader. I recommend this book because it is the best I have ever read.